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Resume tips & tricks

Itay Elkouby
June 25th, 2020 · 2 min read

A beautiful eye-catching resume is your first impression and in some sense interaction with the recruiter. Same as in real life, first impression can grow and create even more impact or drop quickly. Here are some resume essential guidelines to help you build a memorable first impression.

Stand out

Recruiters are getting hundreds of CV’s each month, so making your resume stand out is your main goal. Of course you can use Resumaker to create a professional resume with a structure designed by experts, however, If you prefer to do the work on your own, follow the following guidelines for the best results:

  • Use clear and readable fonts
  • Aim for minimal and clear design
  • Do not use many colors, it creates an unwanted chaos
  • Keep spaces between sections of your resume to make it easily readable and aproachable
  • Do not write too much text, again - readabilty is the most important factor
  • Do not mention you know something if you do not really understand it
  • Represent your best skills in front

Don’t forget the basics

You won’t believe how many candidates forget to write down their phone number or email address in their CV. Remember always to put your full name, permanent address (You can omit that part if you planning to post the resume online), email address and phone number. Contact is the base since without it, the resume ends up to be an annonymous document.


So you know you need to stand out, but how exactly you going to do that? Well, the resume components should be more or less similar - the main difference will be their order. Make sure to start with a headline that includes the contact details just like you would do in person, followed by one short, summarized paragraph about yourself, your motivation or a specific job related skills, for example:

  • An IT expert highly focused technologist with a multidisciplinary skill set honed over 10+ years in the IT industry.
  • Web-Architect Manager experienced at designing and building scalable solutions, implementing internal processes that fit your organization, building teams that produce results.

After the short phrase, you would probably want to include you experience in the field, which companies you have worked for, how long have you worked there (eg: 2012-2019 or 1/01/2012 - 1/02/2019) and a description of your actual work and incharge fields, for example:

Full Stack Tech Lead

Solve Care | 01/04/2018 - 01/11/2018

Solve care is a healthcare blockchain platform. I was responsible for

the client side development team and architecture of the platform. I

was also active in product management team.

Make sure to stand out your skills in a way that pop right in to an HR manager, and which in a matter of second, the decision that you fit will be made. You should also include you education and other skills worth mentioning, such as the languages you speak and even your hobbies.

Final words

It is always important to remember that your resume needs to represent you and stand in a line with the job you are looking for. For each position you are aiming towards, your resume should mention the needed skills in a way that emphasizes thems right away. At last, remember that human resources managers and recruiters are humans, so when your CV should be informative, at the same breath it must represent you as a highly motivated person that people would enjoy working and interacting with.

Sounds like a lot of work?

That’s why we built Resumaker. Our tool will not only save you hours of working, but would also keep your mind free from design and structure and let you focus only on the textual input.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading and wish you the best of luck with your future challenges. Shine on! 🤩

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