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In between jobs? use your time effectively

Guy Peer
June 26th, 2020 · 3 min read

The instinct when being in-between jobs is usually getting into a defensive-survival mode. This is not surprising since if it comes without you expecting, it can be truely ground-shaking situation to get into. But if we just breathe for a second and relax, we may be able to see a door of new opportunities opened in front of us. This article will give you some hints and options for how you may use your time right, grow and get closer to fullfilling yourself from that point on.

Take a moment to think

When we live day in day out in the pressure of our daily work and tasks, we might forget to think deeply on what we want. This is a perfect time for you to sit down and think honestly about your experiences, what you learned from them and what you should do with what you took from your last position. Just take a note, and try to recall some impactful situations where you think you could react better, or found out that you jumped to a solution or conclusion too fast without planning or investigating enough. Being concious and sincere with your past professional mistakes and how you delt with them, will help you tackle similar problems much easier in the future.

Understand what interests you

It really does not matter in this case how you terminated your contract with the employee on your last position. The fact that it is done, might suggest that something was not quite there. This is a very good opportunity to understand what. Maybe the job was too stressful and demanding, or the product you were working on did not fascinate and challenge you enough. Whatever it might be, it is ok. Just think what you would be interested in your next position. Maybe you were a software developer, but your true interest is business development - in any case, do not be afraid to tell yourself the truth about what you want in the deep level, it will take you to a better place next time.

Stay organised, or start being

If you have the skill of being organized and having a clear schedule, do not lose it. You should fill you life with a basic routine to stay focused. Now, you have many options, let’s list some:

  1. If you would like to take your career to a different direction, make the effort. Explore what it would take, find the relevant resources and take the time on your schedule to learn the new things you need for the migration.
  2. If you would like to stay on the same road, but go with a faster car, now you have the time to set new goals and professionalise yourself in the skills you would need to get the higher position.
  3. If you always wanted to work on a project of your own, find out how much time you need in order to create a proof of concept. Check the market, how flooded it is with similar solutions, and act accordingly. When you see the full picture, you are less likely to waste your time on solutions that already exist, and you would be able to make a small shift to implement a solution that gives a new or at least added value to the market.
  4. Play with your imagination. Everyone has an entrepreneur inside, and now you can let yours speek. Think of things that your current skills can improve in the world. This is how businesses are made.
  5. Work as a freelancer. This can be a great time for you to get more experience with clients, and add projects to your portfolio when earning money. One of the best platforms for freelancing is Fiverr. With Fiverr you can simply create a freelancer profile and provide services to clients. On the other side, you can be the client and consume services from thousands of talanted freelancers.
  6. Spend time with friends and family and expand your hobbies. When you are in-between jobs, suddenly a time window is opened. Try to limit any stress, and enjoy the time you have with your loved ones and explore more of what the world has to offer. Wheather it is excercising a new sport 🚴, learning to play guitar 🎸 or taking care of your dating life 💕. You can even learn how to dance 😉. Just let all the good parts of you shine, so when you go back to the work cycle, you have more things to enjoy and are a better version of yourself.
Motivation, Positive Thinking

Final words

Do not panic. Follow your passion when you are looking for your next adventure. If you are short on cash and need money rapidly, you can freelance temporarily while looking for job. And please, if losing your job caught you unprepared this time, do not let it catch you this way again if it ever happens. Remember to always save for a rainy day and try to plan your saving so that you would have at least enough money to be able to stand up on your feet while having enough financial durabilty for yourself and your family for 3 month without labor.

“Luck always favours the brave. And you must remember that brave are the people who follow their heart. Brave are the people who take chances in life.”

— Preity Zinta

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